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Amrit’ is a holistic approach to the human body using the foundations of nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress release, breathing and detoxification to heal. We scour the globe to find the best practices to help optimise your health.

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Henshin [変身]
Rs. 95,000
4 Month - Membership
Renews at Rs. 90,000 for 6 months
Nihan [涅槃]
Rs. 4,00,000
4 Month - Membership
Renews at Rs. 2,40,000 for 6 months
Sodatsu [育つ]
Rs. 20,00,000
12 Month - Membership
Renews at Rs. 10,00,000 for 12 months
Number of Members
Number of members included in the Breatheagain transformation plan.
Person & Spouse + 2 Children
1:1 Meeting with Mr. Ritesh Bawri
Aimed at creating long-term and sustainable habits that improve your lifestyle choices.
Twice in 4 months
Once a month
Once a month
Stress Management
Reduce stress up to 30%
Learning To Train
Understand Mental Models of Learning to Optimize your Training process
Quality As A Way Of Life
Learn to build quality into your thoughts and actions
Being Present
Learn to be present focused
Physical and Mental Resilience
Learn to develop Physical and Mental Resilience and Grit
Stress & Recovery
Learn to cope with stress and build recovery into your life
Somatic Intelligence
Learn how to harness somatic intelligence into your life
Six Pillars of Health
Learn the Six Pillars of Health to Optimize Health and Longevity
Delicious & Customized Meals
Delectable meals prepared by chefs to cater to varied palates and lifestyles. Includes 12 popular global and Indian cuisines.
Metabolic Tracker
Facilitating the tracking of clinical progress by maintaining a comprehensive record of reports and health history.
HRV and ECG Tracking Device
Track Heart Rate Variability and ECG
Personalized Physical Therapist
Free Lymphatic Massage to reduce stress
Personal Meditation Coaching
Learn The Power of Forgetting
Composite Health Score
Scores for assessing meditation, breathing, exercise, toxicity, nutrition etc.
Training Your Cook
Currently available in Hindi and English. Options of other languages coming soon.
Free Health Kit
To help you track body fat, weight, strength, flow, blood pressure and more.
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We aim to assure a positive outcome for you.
  • If you are unable to chieve your goals in the time frame of four months, we can consider extending the time frame for you until you achieve your goals, subject to you having abided to the plan, updated your progress and followed the guidance you received.
  • We do not refund or transfer the plan to any other person.
  • We reserve the right to accept/ decline any application if we believe we cannot help you achieve your outcome.
  • All measurable outcomes will be pre-determined jointly at the time of signing up.
  • Free Health tracker is offered by our partner Breatheagain Connect
    In Sodastu Plan, the consultation is for one person, the meal plan is included for spouse and 2 children.