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Ritesh Bawri
  • Reversed his own Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma & Acidity
  • Lost 60 pounds in 3 months
  • Certified in Nutrition Tufts University
  • Certified in Physiology, Harvard University
  • Author The Amazing Health Transformation

    Type 2 Diabetes

    95% of our clients saw a reduction in Hba1c from 8 to 5.5. Clients also saw a drop in Morning Fasting from 140 to 85.


    95% of our clients saw an average reduction of 20 Kilograms. And 90% of that weight reduction was fat loss.


    80% of our clients saw a reversal in PCOD symptoms. Improvement was accompanied by a reduction in weight.

    Heart Health

    90% of our clients saw a reduction in total Cholesterol by 50 points. Similarly LDL and Triglycerides went down and HDL went up.

    Gas, Acidity & Constipation

    100% of our clients saw the complete elimination of Indigestion, bloating, gas, acidity, burning and constipation.


    90% of our clients saw a reduction in Ig and cRP markers.

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    NAD+ is a molecule found in all living organisms. Used by your mitochondria, it is vital to life. Without, we would not live very long.

    Ritesh Bawri
    June 13, 2022

    Omega 3 Index – Why your index matters

    Omega 3 index is a ratio calculated to tell you how much Omega 3 you have in your red blood cell.

    Ritesh Bawri
    June 12, 2022

    Continuous glucose monitors – do you need one?

    Continuous glucose monitors are devices that help us understand our blood glucose all day long.

    Ritesh Bawri
    June 9, 2022

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    We believe that the human body renews itself every day. Eating clean nutritious food that nourishes your body and consuming clean chemical-free products goes a long way in building good health.